Sneak Peek : Home Sweet Home

I'm so excited to be sharing a "work in progress" sneak peek of our cozy new home in Richmond!  Although we are still waiting for some key pieces (like chairs, art, pictures...), we've filled it with things we already had with some new accessories, too.  Almost the entire space gets wonderful light throughout the day.  Scroll through to see what we've done with it so far!  

Honeymoon Travels | Positano

Our second stop after Rome was Positano, one of the coastal towns along the Amalfi Coast.  Positano is indescribable - hands down the most beautiful place I have EVER visited.  We opted to take the train from Rome to Salerno, and then take a ferry to Positano.  Highly recommend this form of transportation, as you are able to get in a "free" tour of the Amalfi Coast along the way!  We had fantastic weather while in Positano, it only rained for about an hour the day we were leaving (I'm convinced it was because we were supposed to stay).  

Our precious hotel is the red/burgundy one about halfway up the mountain - Hotel Miramare.  Our room blew us away with the gorgeous views - the images below don't even begin to do it justice.  The daily breakfast in the hotel's open air cafe was a dream - the bougainvillea winds its way into the room and grows on the ceiling - stunning.  We found a lovely local cafe and juice bar run by a woman who grows everything out of her garden, and brings in the ingredients and baked goods daily.  Around 4pm everyday we would head up to the local market and grab a bottle of wine, cheese and soppressata and set up happy hour on our balcony.  Our favorite meal while in Positano was at Casa Mele - a modern approach to traditional Italian cuisine.  I loved the lemon ricotta ravioli :)

If you ever travel to Italy and are near the coast, you cannot pass up a quick trip to Positano - it is SO worth it.  It will take a pretty big miracle for another destiantion to knock this one off the top of my list!

Top 10 Picks : Fall Home Decor

Lately, I've been all about pairing things down and streamlining the pieces we bring into our new home.  But I can't help picking up one or two things per season that make it really feel like the weather is changing- easy things you can stow away later.  Here's a roundup of my top picks for fall:

2015 Fall Decor Picks

01 Log Holder  |  02  Campground Print  |  03  Cable Knit Throw Pillow  |  04  Pumpkin Chia Candle  |  05  Baskets  |  06  Plaid Blanket  |  07  Pouf  |  08  Tree Stump Side Table  |  09  Plaid Blanket  |  10  Plant Pot

Honeymoon Travels | Rome

When planning our honeymoon, we tossed around many different countries... Spain, Thailand, France - but we kept circling back to Italy.  We knew we wanted to explore a country that offered uncharted cities for both of us, and make sure we could get in some R&R beach time, and EAT!  Italy completely blew us away, and we can't wait to go back to explore more of this gorgeous country!  Over the next few posts, I'll share our three stops we made while in Italy - Rome, Positano, and Capri - with the hopes of sharing and inspiring through our photographs along the way.  

First stop, Rome!  I had been to this city in the past, but  had a completely different experience and approach this time around.  Rome is a fantastic city, filled with so much history, cuisine, arts, and eclectic people.  The city is very walkable, so our main form of transportation was our feet.  Pack some comfortable shoes and grab a map!  But don't stick to it, some of the best spots we found were by wandering down the web of cobblestone roads.  Don't be afraid to ask locals questions, this will prove to be your best source for restaurant advice.  More specifically, we asked our cab driver and our tour guides their favorite places, since most of these people are local to the city and are not biased from receiving compensation for their recommendations (a lot of hotels do this).  We shared some of our favorite meals from the entire trip in Rome!

The view looking down from the Spanish Steps.  We sat down at the bottom and nearly passed out from jet lag and finally relaxing post-wedding.

Interior of the Pantheon - the world's largest, unreinforced concrete dome!

Unfortunately, the Trevi Fountain was under construction, so this is the best shot I could get.  Means we will have to go back to throw in some coins!

Our favorite tour by far was the Colosseum.  We used The Roman Guy for our tour here, as well as the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill- and highly recommend.  The massive stone and concrete blocks creating arches were jaw dropping - it was incredible to experience such an iconic symbol of Rome.  In these images, we are standing where the floor would have been - since removed/deteriorated - you can see the holding cages and walkways that were beneath the floor where animals (and people) were kept before fights for entertainment.

That's some pretty historic herringbone!  

I chose to pack a lightweight skirt and scarf to cover my knees and shoulders in case we toured any cathedrals - some have very strict rules.  Wearing :  Skirt (old) similar, Shoes, Scarf (old) similarBag, Sunglasses, Monogram Necklace

What a hunk.

Across the river, we found our favorite neighborhood - Trastevere.  A charming neighborhood filled with quaint cafes and nightlife, we found ourselves coming straight back to this neighborhood when we were passing through on our way home.  You can't really go wrong with food in this area, and each turn reveals another hidden cafe - it felt like we were in a movie!   Hands down best people watching spot - as it's much less touristy.

After spending only a few days in Rome, we felt comfortable and familiar with the city - I attribute that to walking instead of taking cabs, forcing us figure things out on our own.  Bonus - zero guilt trying 5 types of pasta after full day of walking!  Next up, Positano! 

Wanda Cafe

Soon I'll be sharing some photos from our favorite spots we traveled on our honeymoon, but until then, I wanted to share a space I found a while ago and have been saving it for a rainy day.  This might be one of the cutest cafes I've ever seen.  Wanda Cafe Optimista is located in Madrid; even their website is gorgeous!  Those cafe chairs, perfectly patterned pillows, and the pops of neon against the wood bar - obsessed.  Also really happy about that branded wood wall.  I'm in denial that summer is ending - and this bright and joyful interior makes it feel like its always sunny.